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Geek To Gladiator: November

November has come and gone which means that my holiday is also over and now I’m going straight into the Christmas rush. Being on a cruise for 10 days of the month meant that I was a little less strict on my diet since there were so many delicacies and restaurants to try. Plus, who

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Geek To Gladiator: September

Suffice to say, September went a little better than August on the exercising front. Minimal speedhumps were thrown my way but towards the middle to end of the month I struggled keeping a healthy eating mindset. My gym attendance definitely improved and most of the days I didn’t go were days I worked double shifts

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Geek To Gladiator: The Beginning

Here I go again. It seems I have a knack for writing about my new year’s resolutions a full month after the initial celebrations. Luckily I always manage to wrap my head around the craziness of everything just in time for the Lunar New Year. Maybe my body is just attuned that way? Last year

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