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Geek To Gladiator: Quarantine Workouts

Staying at home can be a bit of a hit to the old fitness motivation and in the current situation, many of us have been forced to find new ways to exercise. Of course, for those who usually lift heavy may have a tougher time adjusting, but those who focus on cardio and body weight

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Geek To Gladiator: September

Suffice to say, September went a little better than August on the exercising front. Minimal speedhumps were thrown my way but towards the middle to end of the month I struggled keeping a healthy eating mindset. My gym attendance definitely improved and most of the days I didn’t go were days I worked double shifts

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Keeping It Clean

strawberry smoothie bowl

Whether it’s to lose weight, make some gains or just to keep your body healthy, the clean eating concept is often tossed around although everyone seems to have a different idea of what that means. Now we all love our food to be washed and free of dangerous bacteria, but when it comes to my

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