Over the years I’ve worked with different companies to improve my skills as a writer and gain experience in the editorial industry. Unfortunately, both Xplore Sydney and XXP Games are out of business, but I’ve moved my articles to a portfolio which showcases some of the pieces I wrote during my time at these publications. Please see below a list of companies I have worked for as well as a reading recommendation for each.

Gaming Instincts


Playing games is one of my biggest hobbies and I’ve created content for Gaming Instincts to connect my work and play. I’ve worked on guides for various aspects of No Man’s Sky and have written about various titles including Animal Crossing and Destiny 2No Man’s Sky: 2 Years of Change was my debut piece for the site and focused on the changes the game had made since its launch in 2016. Alongside the written article, I also put together a video which showed off the updated look of No Man’s Sky.

Xplore Sydney


As a travel editor, the majority of my time at Xplore Sydney was spent writing lifestyle articles ranging from casual hikes to adrenaline-filled adventures and the occasional story revolving around the interesting people (and places) of Sydney. Do Something for Nothing became one of my favourite pieces which centred around one man’s altruism for those who needed it most. Three years later, that same man is still working hard to make the world a better place; so if you want a wholesome story to make your day, then definitely have a read.

XXP Games


Pop culture has always been a huge part of my life, especially when it comes to geek chic. My time spent at XXP Games allowed me to produce a few articles relating to both games and films, providing me the perfect outlet to let my geek flag fly. Reviewing a retro classic from one of my favourite franchises was definitely a highlight since this Zelda fan had not played The Minish Cap before. I also had the opportunity to play both Project CARS and Dark Souls II prior to release thanks to the guys at Bandai Namco.


Body/Head. Pic by Annabel Mehran.

My time at TheMusic kept me in touch with the Australian music scene from the newcomers who just released their new single, to the bands engraved in our culture. Writing several album reviews over the time I worked there, Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms always sticks in my memory as the first piece I wrote for an actual publication. Later I went on to write Our Top Picks For Sydney Festival which was also included in the physical copy of TheMusic magazine available at JB Hi-Fi back in 2015.