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Listen up Kpop fans, we’ve been getting so many good tunes in the past few months and I thought I’d share some of my favourites. From the styling, the lyrics, the choreography and the music video, these songs nail it on every front. I did only include female artists and groups since they are the ones I listen to most, and keeping on track of new releases is a full-time job as it is. I’d assume a lot of Kpop fans will know the majority of these songs, but if you have any suggestions for songs I should listen to, feel free to leave a comment. On to the list:

Wannabe – ITZY

That shoulder dance will always be iconic. That’s the tweet.

Happy – Taeyeon

I’ve always been a fan of Taeyeon’s solo work and Happy is not any different. This song is wonderful but there’ll always be that little bit of sadness knowing that the release was postponed due to her father’s passing. Even with the bad things in the world, we just have to keep finding things that make us happy.

Dumhdurum – Apink

Apink are one of the oldest girl groups in the industry and their style has transformed over time to consistently bring some of the best tracks every year. The aesthetic of their music videos is also beautifully shot and their stylists really know what they’re doing.

Nonstop – Oh My Girl

I’ve been listening to Oh My Girl since their debut and I’ve never been disappointed with their music. They have amazing stage presence and their songs will stick in your head.

Spit It Out – Solar

After Hwasa’s solo debut, I was super excited to hear Solar would be going solo as well and when Spit It Out came out, I was hooked. Solar really knows how to command an audience and make you feel empowered.

Kazino – Bibi

Bibi has become my favourite accidental find on YouTube. She has such a uniqueness to her voice and her music tends to have more mature themes which really stands out in the midst of mainstream Kpop.

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