Month: April 2020

Geek To Gladiator: Quarantine Workouts

Staying at home can be a bit of a hit to the old fitness motivation and in the current situation, many of us have been forced to find new ways to exercise. Of course, for those who usually lift heavy may have a tougher time adjusting, but those who focus on cardio and body weight

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Geek To Gladiator: Health Journal

Last month I talked about my health journal which has been helping me keep on top of my fitness goals and allows me to stay accountable. I’ve been finding new trackers for different aspects of health and I wanted to share a few with all of you guys in case they help you in the

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Listen To These Podcasts While You’re Stuck In Isolation

Most of us are stuck inside right now whether we’re working from home, studying online, or not working at all. Many of us have more time on our hands than we know what to do with and it’s easy to get bored of the daily routine if you aren’t spicing it up with something new

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