Geek To Gladiator: 2020 Vision

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It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged and my original plan was to post back in January as a little throwback to what I achieved in 2019. Now we’re already 3 months into the new year and this will be my first post of 2020. Life does get in the way sometimes, but I’ve slowly been making time for what I enjoy and I feel ready once again to start blogging semi-regularly. Now this is Geek To Gladiator, so naturally I’ll be focusing on my health and fitness journey, but moving forward I’m changing it up a bit. I’ll still be aiming for a monthly recap, bur rather than just focusing solely on my goals, I’ll be looking at different aspects of fitness and how I go about achieving those goals.

So what does this entail exactly? Each month I’ll choose a new topic to focus on and I’ll sum it up in one of these blog posts. My next post will focus on my health journal which I use to set-up my workouts, set plans for combating unhealthy eating habits and create goals for different aspects of health. Then going forward, I’ll be looking at anything including monthly challenges, reviews of different types of workouts or even how I trained for a specific event or yoga pose. This will definitely help keep this series fresh as I try new things and learn new ways to move my body.


Looking back at 2019, I definitely made steps towards better health and overall have a more pride in my body than I did before, even though I’ve only lost a kilo overtime. I’m more aware of my body’s needs and know how overeating different foods will affect how I feel the next day. I’ve also learnt about strength training and found the right exercises for what I want to achieve. Now with my health journal, I have a plan in place for 2020 which will help me achieve my goals. Again, you’ll have to wait for my next post to find out more about my mysterious journal, but I wanted to first write an introductory post for this year to show that progress is not linear and it is important to find pride in non-scale victories as well. Cheers to a healthy 2020!

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