Photo Challenge: September Through My Lens

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Taking photos everyday is harder than I thought, especially on days I worked 10 hours. Even though I definitely didn’t manage to take an appropriate shot every day of my challenge, I tried to make up for it on days I had more time. I also didn’t post many photos on my Instagram, but now that it’s the end of the month, I can share some of my favourite shots right here. Some were taken as I was walking down the street, others I actually planned out and tried to capture my initial vision. This simply means that some came out better than others, although I’m still proud of some of my in the moment photos. Following this challenge helped me take more photos in general, even if a shot didn’t fit the particular theme for the day and now I’ll try to photograph my life more often. Now, for the main event, here is my collection of favourites.

Day 8 – Bake


Baking is something I’ve always wanted to learn and I’ve finally begun practicing some recipes over the past few months. These were my first ever attempt at sugar cookies, or really cookies in general. Yes, they’re a little crispy on the sides and I wasn’t able to cut every cookie properly (not pictured is some headless otters). But they tasted pretty damn good if I say so myself, also confirmed by my mother and my boyfriend who definitely have no bias at all. Now I may have broken a hand mixer in the process so my baking skills are limited to things like muffins in the meantime, but a birthday-worthy cake is my next goal – stay tuned.

Day 26 – Treat Yourself

treat yourself

The night I took this picture screamed ‘treat yourself’ in all sense of the words. Not only did we experience a carb-fueled dinner haze featuring German pretzels and sausages, I also tried Oliver Brown for the first time. This may look like a regular hot chocolate at first glance, but your eyes have been deceived. It is actually a ~coconut hot chocolate~ and it may be my new favourite winter drink and I’m going to stay ignorantly blissful about the amount of calories it most definitely has.

Day 4 – Night


Sometimes a picture is just spur of the moment and turns out nicer than something you’ve spent 10 minutes on trying to find the perfect angle. Although not super crisp and clear (it was taken on my phone after all), I just loved the spooky vibe it gave with the full moon on a cloudy night. I just came out of the house ready for a night out and I thought, “hmm, this would make for a nice shot”. And here it is.

Day 12 – Green


Catching lunch with a friend at a cafe and finding out they have a garden next door is a win for photography opportunities – especially when Spring has sprung. More interestingly, this cafe uses the vegetables and herbs that they grow in the meals you buy from them. It’s not surprising that the food tasted amazing. Located at the Casula Powerhouse, it’s nice seeing a spot of green in a developing area. I took this particular shot using the portrait feature on the iPhone; a feature I find really helps make particular subjects pop.

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