Geek To Gladiator: September

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Suffice to say, September went a little better than August on the exercising front. Minimal speedhumps were thrown my way but towards the middle to end of the month I struggled keeping a healthy eating mindset. My gym attendance definitely improved and most of the days I didn’t go were days I worked double shifts which meant 7+ hours on my feet. Either way, it was a work-out. Rather than just sticking to the gym, I managed to move in different ways by learning dance choreographies and going for a skate. It might not have been as often as I’d like it to be, but I can always work on that next month. The only problem about exercising, especially outside, is that Australia’s evil magpies have awoken and will attack if you walk anywhere near their nesting area.

I had a whole list of goals for the month of September and I managed to incorporate most of them into my routine. Diet was the one big factor I felt I really needed to clean up so I set the goal of 1500 calories. Now at the beggining of the month, I ate quite healthy meals although I didn’t track my calories. Around the middle of the month, I had a few days of treats and that’s when I decided to actually follow my goal and download a calorie tracking app. I’m not a fan of calorie counting everyday, but for me apps like MyFitnessPal are usually a good way to stay on track. I used it a handful of times after the initial download so it didn’t keep me as accountable as I thought it would. By the end of September I was treating myself more frequently than not which meant no change in the scale. I am a little disappointed in regressing to unhealthier eating habits, but that just means I’ll have to try harder in October.


My exercise goals on the other hand proved more successful. I can manage a pull-up with 6kg of assisted weight and I’ve been doing 4 sets of 10 pull-ups with 23.5kg assisted weight. Managing a single pull-up seems pretty plausible at this point and I’m going to push towards that goal through October. Burpees were once again a failure while I incorporated squats around twice a week. Apart from a handful of days, I managed my goal of moving 30 minutes every day pretty easily. Working as a waitress definitely helps in that aspect, but it’s a good habit to keep once I’ve moved on to other types of work involving a lot more sitting.

I’m aware that this post is a little late to the party. I didn’t want to post more than two days after the beginning of the month but I found it a bit hard to write up a post about September simply because I was disappointed in my eating habits. But I know that a set-back doesn’t mean I have to quit and every day, every month is a chance to do better. Clean eating is at the top of my list and I’m going to be cutting my cheat days into a singular cheat meal throughout the week. There’s only two exceptions I have for this which includes my birthday this month and a wedding I’m attending. Of course, I won’t stuff my face with every sweet thing I lay my hands on, but I’m not gonna feel guilty about having dessert after pizza on my birthday. Here’s a full list of my goals for October:

  • Clean up my eating habits
  • Two strength training sessions a week
  • Do a single pull-up
  • Work towards the splits
  • Continue learning Rollercoaster

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I prefer cardio over weight training, but I’ve realised that if I want to complete the Spartan race properly, then I’m going to need some level of strength. After asking my partner to show me the ropes, I realised that weight training isn’t this scary and boring thing anymore. I think in the past I never had a set goal when I did weights so I would wander between machines kinda aimlessly. Now that I know a little bit more about what I’m supposed to be doing, I have more motivation to actually train properly. Just wait, summer will come and I’ll be buff as hell, or just hella toned. Here’s to another month closer to Gladiator-ness!

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