Indie Spotlight: Untitled Goose Game

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In the midst of online multiplayer, season passes, and microtransactions, indie game developer House House have proven all that players want is to be a goose who annoys the heck out of everyone around him. The four people who make up the entire House House team have found their golden goose with artsy graphics and a simple concept that will keep you chuckling through your entire playthrough. Now, to clarify, the game is not named Untitled Goose Game – the game is an Untitled Goose Game. It’s a small but significant difference.

Waddling around the peaceful town you’ll come across different parts of the town where you have a unique series of objectives to fulfill. While attempting to complete your typical goose to-do list, you go around thieving, honking, sneaking and destroying – just causing overrall chaos to your surroundings. A piano plays the soundtrack to your shenanigans, an increasing tempo showcasing the residents realisation that they’ve been bamboozled by a goose. Not all residents are initially spiteful towards your natural goose nature, but one stolen neighbourhood heirloom later and everyone becomes less than friendly. Most importantly, you have a dedicated honk button.

Of course, you can’t have a game centralling around a horrible goose without creating an onslaught of memes from the gaming community and a call for our beloved goose to join Super Smash Bros. We’ve got game crossovers, meme crossovers, and some really cool original art. Check out just a few of my favourites:

If these memes don’t peak your interest then you might just be a lost cause. But if you’ve already picked up a copy, or are planning to in the future I have a few thoughts on the game. Firstly, if you work in any customer service capacity, this is a great game to play after a particular bad shift. Customer gets angry at you in real life, you become a goose and honk obnoxiously to relieve stress. It’s a win-win really. Untitled Goose Game also introduces puzzle-solving without making it feel like a chore, especially if you’re someone who’s not a fan of those types of games. You still have to complete the to-do list, but it gives you some freedom in the way you complete it. I watched others attempt objectives in ways I never thought would work and it still remained amusing as hell.

You can purchase the Untitled Goose Game on either the Nintendo Switch or on the Epic Games Store for a small AUS$25 dollar price-tag. I’d reccommend using a controller to play and you’ll easily be able to finish the game in an afternoon sitting so you can return to your regular Triple-A titles by bedtime. Go forth and create mayhem. Honk.

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