A Comprehensive List Of Exercises I Love To Hate

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Having reset my fitness journey through August, I’ve now become a regular at the gym once again. As I incorporate more exercises into my routine and actually try to challenge myself once in a while, I’ve formed a love-hate relationship with some of these exercises. Since I have a job where I’m on my feet a lot, even without the gym I’m at least an averagely fit person who just likes ice-cream a bit too much. But some exercises just make me feel as if my body had never heard the word ‘sports’ before. Some people may find them enjoyable, and I certainly feel accomplished when I’ve finished a set. But there will always be a part of me that dreads that part of the routine.

Stair Climber

You know the moment you walk up stairs with your friends and realise you’re out of breath after a single flight? Well the stair climber is the perfect machine to make you never have to experience that again! Except everything will hurt after 10 minutes and you’ll feel as if you’re suffering through an Australian summer based on the amount of sweat dripping off you. I’m glad the machines at my gym have screens I can watch YouTube on otherwise I would struggle to last five minutes on the stair climber. The benefit of finishing a workout on the stair climber is that you’ll feel accomplished. The muscle soreness is a problem for tomorrow.

Jumping Squats

I must have something against leg exercises because they seem to be my most commonly hated. It’s probably the fact that leg day means you’ll be shuffling like a penguin until your muscles decide to heal – not a good look as a waitress. As much as I complain about leg and glute exercises, I can’t deny that they definitely provide a certain appeal to your physique. Squats have been popularised in the fitness community as the go-to exercise for that peachy look and I’ve been slowly adding them into my routine. Squats on their own aren’t exactly killer; it usually takes a large number or heavier weights to feel a strain on my muscles. Enter jumping squats. I love my cardio so you’d think I actually enjoyed them. Upon finishing a set, you’ll find your heart pumping and your thighs burning. Great for a work-out and looking like a pile of sweat.


Or assisted ones in my case. I’ve never been able to do a pull-up throughout my 23 year life and I decided this would be my year to do it. Luckily my gym has an assisted pull-up machine and I’ve been slowly working my way to an actual pull-up. Although it is extremely satisfying to use less weight for assistance, losing that 4kg of support makes it so much harder to lift yourself up. I’m currently consistently doing 40 pull-ups with 27kg of assisted weight. I can do some pull-ups with 23kg, but by the end I’m at struggle street. As long as I manage that unassisted pull-up it’ll be worth it, right?


Maybe it’s because I recently added them to my exercise routine, maybe it’s just how easily they tire you down. Either way, burpees are my mortal enemy when it comes to exercising. Stupidly, one of my fitness goals is to complete a Spartan Super which requires you to complete a full 30 burpees after every failed obstacle. I don’t know when I became a masochist, but training for the Spartan certainly forces you to become one. If you’re looking for an exercise that will speed your heart rate up a notch, try 30 reps of these bad boys. The way I look at it, not doing burpees at the Spartan race is my motivation to train hard so I pass every obstacle first try.

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