Photo Challenge: September

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A new month and a new season; what better time to pick up a hobby you haven’t touched in weeks? If the title doesn’t spell it out for you, I’ll be polishing my photography skills throughout September by following my own list of carefully selected prompts. By ‘carefully selected’ I mean chosen at random based on random words that popped into my head. The plan is to post daily on Instagram with the day’s theme as its hashtag. Depending on how busy life gets, some may be more artistic than others but my goal isn’t to become a professional photographer so I’m simply happy to share snippets of my day to day life.

Trying to frame a beautiful shot, capturing the colours of a sunset, or immortalising a moment between friends. Photos are a wonderful way of remembering the world and as someone who has a basic understanding of photography, I still manage to take the occasional picture I’m proud of showing off. Some of my friends are amazing at capturing a moment and I love seeing their different techniques reflect a unique vibe. If you want to see what I mean, take a look at @stclaire.jpeg or @josephthejoestar; seeing their work makes me want to dust off the old DSLR and start taking more photos.

At the end of the month, I’ll share some of my favourite photos from the month and also add a bit more context to what’s happening behind the scenes. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but you may as well be speaking another language if you don’t understand the context. Will I manage to post everyday? Hopefully. Will I be able to get the perfect shot every time? Probably not. Does it matter? Not really. I’m not aiming to be a perfectly curated influencer so my goal is simple; have fun and explore my creativity through a lens.

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