Geek To Gladiator: April

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High hopes for April turned into a cruisey month filled with less exercise and more treats than anticipated. After the first half of April didn’t go too well, I let myself have a break. And you know what happened? Not much, really. I didn’t gain 10 kilos, I haven’t lost all my cardio endurance, and now I’m ready to get back on the horse. Sometimes taking a step back can help you move forward. At least in writing it makes sense, I guess May will show me whether that’s accurate or not.

Even as a more ‘unhealthy’ month, April was still filled with its fair share of positives. The days are getting shorter and the weather is bringing a nice chill to the air. Mother Nature has officially announced Autumn is in full swing with shades of yellow, orange and red colouring the outdoors. For me, this means it’s the best time of year to go outside and breath the fresh air during a relaxing hike. A rejuvenating hike to the Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve was a welcome trip with a nice touch of exercise. Heading up to the Blue Mountains to explore the gardens of Mt Wilson also provided a nice refresher during a month where I thought I had failed in my efforts towards a healthier lifestyle.

Geek_to_Gladiator_April (15)

Food-wise I enjoyed some cold weather comforts with one of the best ramen dishes I have tasted to date. Most importantly, I didn’t feel guilty about it. Now, there were a few moments during the month where I splurged a bit too much in the sweets department and that definitely brought some feelings of failure. It’s in the past now, and if I can splurge just a little less through May then I’m making progress. I’m happy to have a cheat meal once a week if I go out to eat, but I’d prefer to split dessert if the offer’s on the table. Using chocolate as snacks and pick-me-ups at home will definitely be a no-no, or at least kept to a minimum.

To get back into gladiator mode, I need to focus on my discipline and make sure I exercise and eat right regardless of my mood. My top priority is the gym with the goal staying at five times a week, although I’ll try to go everyday where possible. I want to get through the majority of May with minimal food splurges and a lot more veggies in my diet. I’m planning on taking my measurements at the end of June and I’ll finally check my weight at the end of July. Although I’m trying not to take too much stock in weight since muscle likes to complicate things, I’d still like to check my numbers and determine what weight I’m happiest with for my body. May, here I come!

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