Geek To Gladiator: March

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So March was interesting. I took more photos which means I can actually remember some of the things I did over the past month. March was by no means perfect, but it involved a few changes that helped with a more active lifestyle and found something to help with my health in general. At this point I’m still working out the kinks although I already feel that over the past two months I’ve made a few improvements to my everyday shenanigans. Feeling and seeing changes is the biggest motivator for me so it’s just a matter of continuing to move forward.

Regular gym workouts did not manage to spill over to March, and I think I made it a handful of times. On the other hand, I’ve started working as a waitress part-time and that involves a lot more cardio then a regular gym session. Walking around tables all day may not be high intensity exercise, but moving on your feet for at least 4 hours at a time is more than a decent workout. A trip to Melbourne also allowed for a fair amount of sight seeing on foot while a hike in the Blue Mountains failed spectacularly as my partner destroyed his ankle halfway down a valley (I’m still fit as a fiddle).


Just like in February, March also had its fair share of sweet treats. With a trip to Melbourne in the midst, it was hard to resist the bustling food culture of the city. Plus I was on holiday; food restrictions need not apply. Although looking back across the month, my intake definitely improved in terms of moderation. Progress is all I’ve been aiming for and if I’m eating biscuits less often and in smaller portions, then it’s a win. April just means I have to overcome the large amount of chocolate sitting on the shelves of every grocery store.

March came with a bonus aspect of health that I (and many others) often forget – going to the doctors. And, more importantly, finding a good doctor. Over the years whenever I went to see a doctor, I’d often be told what I had and then I’d be given some medication. “Come back if your symptoms persist”, and that’s it. By chance, my new doctor was working his first day at the clinic when I had to get some results. Not only did he explain what everything meant on the results, he made me feel comfortable to ask questions without being rushed. Now I don’t feel so stressed about future visits and I’m more willing to go to the doctors for regular check-ups. Even if you already lead a healthy lifestyle, I’d encourage you to find a good doctor if you haven’t already; not everything can be fixed with good food and exercise.


Seeing as my cardio needs are forcefully met most days of the week, throughout April the goal is to focus on weights during gym sessions. I’ll aim for 10 sessions spread across the month with sessions dedicated to arms, abs and legs. On days I’m not working, I still want to incorporate some cardio with my main focus on dancing and the occasional walk. Minimal yoga was practised during March so April will also have a few more sessions that will hopefully return some of the flexibility I’ve lost. Headstands here I come!

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