Geek To Gladiator: The Beginning

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Here I go again. It seems I have a knack for writing about my new year’s resolutions a full month after the initial celebrations. Luckily I always manage to wrap my head around the craziness of everything just in time for the Lunar New Year. Maybe my body is just attuned that way? Last year turned out to be a mixed bag, out of my six goals I only managed to complete one. I still hope to tick them off my list someday; wake-boarding and canyoning are strong candidates for 2019 although the rest will have to wait. This year, in terms of resolutions, I’m doing things a little differently. Rather than focusing on particular goals to achieve, I’m working on building habits. Specifically for health and fitness, hence the name of this post.

Health and fitness have been a big part of my life since I was a teenager when I actually started working out and learning about nutrition. Now it’s definitely been a bit of a roller-coaster, I’ve had times where I’ve felt energetic and healthy while other times…not so much. For a while now I’ve felt like I’ve let that once important part of my life slip away and it certainly bothers me. Being confident, trying new things, nailing a new dance; when I’m feeling my best, that’s when I’m happiest. By no means would I classify myself as unfit, or unhealthy. But losing some of that progress has definitely been a knock to my self-esteem so I’m dedicating 2019 to becoming a healthier me.


In terms of fitness, I’ve never really had goals in terms of lifting a certain weight or running a certain distance. One, I’m not a fan of lifting big weights. And two, I had a knee injury when I was younger which makes it difficult to run for long distances. To suit my lifestyle, I want to rebuild my habit of going to the gym every day. On days that I’m sore or tired, I’ll do light sessions to make sure I prevent any injuries. Cardio has always been my main focus when I go to the gym, although I also want to implement light weights for 10-20 minutes at the beginning of my sessions. Since this will be my first month of my Geek to Gladiator challenge, I’ll start off with daily gym sessions and incorporate weights later down the track.

What’s healthy to eat constantly seems to change and different foods are constantly thrown under the bus for whatever reason. I lean towards the ‘everything in moderation’ opinion, but as long as someone is healthy and has a diet that works for them, I’m not really interested in the specifics. During Geek To Gladiator I’ll be cutting out the majority of sweets (minus dark chocolate), flavoured drinks (except the occasional juice), and fast-food (McDonalds being the main perpetrator, but most places known for greasy meals). I’ll supplement my clean eating with monthly treats (I have a saké Kit-Kat waiting to be taste-tested) then slowly ease my way back to moderation once I’m happier with the way my clothes fit.


Combining these health and fitness habits, hopefully I’ll return some of the confidence I’ve lost over time and feel the energy I once had. As an ongoing process, it won’t be a success until I manage to actually maintain this lifestyle so I’m keeping my habits realistic. Every month I’ll focus on something different relating to health and fitness, whether that’s playing a new sport, learning recipes or trying to stick to a regular sleeping schedule. I’ll try to come up with some other ideas to improve the other often forgotten parts of health.

Losing weight is something I want to accomplish through this challenge, but I’ve decided against actually weighing myself since it often stresses me out. Rather, I’ll focus on how I perceive myself in pictures and how my clothes fit. Maybe I’ll weigh myself in a couple of months once I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, as long as I’m in a place where the numbers won’t affect me. Either way, this is just the beginning and I’ll be checking in every month, right here, to track my progress and keep myself disciplined.

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