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Australia’s a country surrounded by water and it’s easy to boast about its golden beaches, turquoise seas and thieving seagulls; although I’m not sure whether I should be bragging about that last one. As a Sydney-sider, I’ve had my fair share of trips to the beach whether it was a relaxing day in Wollongong or a holiday down the coast. Jervis Bay is usually my main squeeze when it comes to a sandy getaway, but my last foray down south found a quieter gem called Berrara which included never ending beaches and every water-based activity you’d want for your next escape.

South Coast.JPG

Situated 3 hours south of Sydney, travellers can make the most of this scenic road-trip by visiting must-see hot-spots including Stanwell Tops, Kiama’s blowholes, and Berry’s famously delicious doughnut van. All you need is your favourite snacks plus an epic playlist and you’ll be there in no time. What amazed me most once we arrived in Berrara was the utter quiet and lack of people around; over the course of three days we ran into more kangaroos than actual humans. Now this would be partly due to the time we went for our trip and the fact that the school holidays are still a few weeks away, but it was relaxing nonetheless.

Although the weather took a turn for the worse when we arrived, the rain and clouds didn’t manage to put a damper on our trip. It did stop us from kayaking up Berrara Creek and going for a swim in the ocean (the cold gets to me quite easily), but walks on the beach and playing spot-the-crab around the rock-pools remained on the cards. Berrara is also a great spot for stand-up paddleboarding if you’re the adventurous type and there’s plenty of fishing spots if you’re looking for your next big catch. It’s the perfect destination featuring everything you could possibly want from a coastal getaway, especially when it comes to food.

Coast South (1).JPG

As a self-professed foodie, I’m always looking at new restaurants to visit and trendy treats to eat. When it comes to holidays, cooking is usually the last thing on my mind and I prefer to support the locals by trying out the eateries around the area. Berrara was no exception and my taste-buds thanked me for this choice. As expected from a coastal town, the seafood was fresh from the water and everything we ate burst with flavour. I would highly recommend Jopen Cafe for lunch where we tried the best chilli prawn pasta we’ve ever tasted and enjoyed some expertly cooked barramundi. Best of all, next door you’ll find an ice-creamery where we experienced the kindest customer service while savouring a beach-side necessity. If you’re a bit of a sweet-tooth, or just like to cool-down with some ice-cream, you will not be disappointed.

Like with all good things, they must eventually come to an end and even though those three days we spent in Berrara felt like bliss, it was time to go home. On the positive side, me and my partner have found a new destination for future trips down the coast and will continue befriending the local kangaroo population once we return. Fingers crossed that our next beach-side holiday will invite warmer weather and then we’ll be able to take some paddleboards out for a spin.

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