Afternoon Delight

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I’ve become a spontaneous adventure aficionado over the past couple of months with last-minute trips turning an average day in the life of Jessica into something a bit more grammable. Working in hospitality with a weekly roster as well as Australia’s ever-changing weather has forced me to become a bit more flexible with my plans and I now have it down to a fine art where everything from power-packs to a kick-ass playlist is ready to go in case I want to hit the road.

Usually my travel shenanigans begin with the thought, “I feel like doing something”, and then it’s a fight between my packing skills and the clock as I grab all my essentials with a faint idea of where I’m about to go. A day off this week started in the same fashion and although I had my GPS set for the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, once I had my fun in the sun strolling through its autumn colours, I decided to head further inland for a little look-see of Mt Wilson.

Autumn Tree Selfie

Originally the plan was to head into the town and do my sightseeing there but, as these things go, I found myself distracted by a large congregation of cars parked outside a place called Breenhold Gardens right on the outskirts of town. Curiosity got to me and I joined the long line of vehicles and headed to the entrance to see what all the fuss was about. Walking through the entrance would instantly reveal the garden’s attraction with a road lined with tall trees slowly losing their greenery to the cold.

Once you’ve become accustomed to the hues of summer, it’s something spectacular when you look at the bright palette of autumn – while there’s leaves left on the trees at least. A quiet walk through Breenhold Gardens soon showed that it was the quintessential picnic spot and the perfect setting for an inspiring #travelgram Instagram gallery. With forests of orange, walls of red, and flowers of yellow, these gardens captured that autumn feeling and it was unsurprising seeing girls with several changes of clothes ready to snap that flawless shot. Honestly, I’ll probably steal their idea next time I head out that way.

Yellow Autumn Trees

What began as a little escape from home became a nice little solo trip that had a lot more photo opportunities than I had initially expected. Captured enough moments of nature to keep my Insta updated and had my fair share of fresh air for the week. The one problem with spontaneity though; you can’t always find an adventurous friend to take along for the ride. So don’t fear the unplanned; sometimes it can take you places that are better than you could have possibly imagined.

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