Chinese New Year Pig Lanterns

When Pigs Fly

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The Chinese New Year has just passed and in its true multi-cultural fashion, Sydney has put on a show. Lighting up the city with lanterns based on the twelve animals of the zodiac, walking down the harbour was a more pleasurable experience than usual with these larger than life statues. Each featuring their own little story and drawing passersby’s with their colourful coats, it was impossible not to take at least one touristy photo for the camera roll. The Star was also hosting a pop-up Mahjong play area where they gave out red envelopes with (chocolate) coins inside – a sweet spin on the Chinese tradition. I absolutely love shiny things so every time there’s a light show in town, I have to check it out, and the Chinese New Year lanterns were no exception.


Walking around these zodiac lanterns for the Chinese New Year made me realise that I didn’t really make any goals or resolutions for 2018. There was the general hope of a better year, but there were no specifics on what I wanted to achieve. We’re already two months into 2018 so I guess at this point it’s better late than never, right? Rather than going for my usual weight-loss and career-oriented hopes and dreams, I’m aiming for more bucket-list type goals which will drag me out of my comfort zone and hopefully into some pretty cool experiences. Here are the few that I’m absolutely determined to accomplish this year:

  • Sky-diving; I’m petrified of jumping or falling from any sort of height so this will probably involve a lot of screaming and general fear
  • Canyoning; I’ve abseiled in the past, but having that extra element of water has me intrigued and I know this’ll get my blood pumping
  • Compete in ballroom; I’ve danced for most of my life and although it has involved minimal ballroom, I’m up for the challenge
  • Rallying; as a certified grandma driver on the road, I think it’s time to get a little fast and furious (in a totally safe and controlled environment of course)
  • Start vlogging; I already take enough videos and photos when I travel so I might as well flex my video editing skills and save some of my adventures based on their most memorable moments
  • Wakeboarding; I don’t expect to spend much time actually riding the board, but I’ll give it one hell of a try

So it may not be the Gregorian calendar new year, but it’s as good of a time as any to start earning some extra experience points and getting myself out there by trying a few activities that I never thought I’d do. Whether I manage to succeed at everything will only be revealed in time, but keep an eye out for more daring articles than usual in the coming weeks.

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