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Escaping The Heat

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While those in the northern hemisphere are rugging up against the winter winds, their southern counterparts are slowly melting into pools of sweat as heat-waves mark the beginning of summer. Now I’m all for a beach day, but sometimes the thought of getting sand in every nook and cranny of your body then dealing with even the mildest sunburn just makes me want to lie motionless in front of the air-con all day. Heading to the cinema seems to be the popular hang-out for a summer chill session, but even with some killer upcoming releases, sometimes your meet up’s call for something a little more adventurous.


manly sea life aquarium

Head to Ariel’s home turf and discover the curious creatures hiding beneath the ocean waves while staying perfectly dry (and safe). I’ve visited the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium several times already, but I still enjoy going for a stroll through the eerily blue walkways watching all the different fish swim around their tanks. You’ll run into some friendly penguins shuffling across their little piece of land and your whole experience finishes at the aptly named Great Barrier Reef where you can sit in a theatre gazing upon various underwater critters to your heart’s content.


iceskating fall

You may not be able to land a triple axle or even manage to skate faster than walking pace, but with a few friends the hilarity is sure to ensue once you try to keep your balance out on the ice. Personally, I like to give ratings to my less coordinated friends with a perfect 10 only being awarded to those with the most spectacular tumbles. Even if you’re not the best skater, the cool temperatures on the rink will make you forget about the glaring sun outside and you can stick to the barrier until you get your feet on the ground.


Australian Museum Sydney

If you’re a Sydney-sider like me, you’ll have a high-quality list of museums to visit from the Powerhouse Museum that holds all kinds of artsy exhibitions throughout the year to the Australian Museum which focuses a little more on the natural side of science. Once you feel the refreshing waves of the air con, it’s easy to lose yourself in the avalanche of artefacts all carrying their own little piece of history. You’ll learn all sorts of titbits by the time you’ve finished looking at everything, it’s just a matter of retaining that information after you’ve left the building.

Spa Day

cat spa

When a heat-wave finally hits, it’s hard to feel motivated to do anything more stimulating then turning the TV on with fans running high. Since you’re not planning on doing much anyway, why not head to the nearest spa and have a pampering session to blow off some steam? Relieve your sore feet with a massage, indulge in a facial or simply relax with a bath soak. For those looking for a cheaper alternative, bring out your favourite skincare products and bath bombs, put on a face mask then slip quietly into your bathtub.

Water Park

waterpark perth

I know that many are in the great outdoors and copious amounts of sunscreen should be used in those instances, but there are some water park’s around the world that are shaded from the burning sun so the fact that we’ve taken out the sand factor and kept the cooling water element has allowed the simple water park to make the list. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for the tallest and steepest slides, or just someone who wants to keep cool in the wave pool, you’ll find yourself whittling away the hours getting refreshed and trying out all the rides. If you can’t beat the heat, then you might as well make the most of it.

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