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Cheer Up, Baby

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Some days you wake up in the morning and all you feel like doing is surviving the day so you can crawl back into bed. Other days seem blissfully happy until an unexpected turn of events forces you to plummet back to reality and your otherwise sunny disposition is destroyed. Either way, it doesn’t feel good to be stuck in a black-hole of sadness and if there’s something that may just get you out of that funk, then it’s worth putting in a little effort to brighten your mood. Sometimes it works, other times you’re stuck in that lethargic state, so here’s a few things I try to do to bring my state of mind to a happier place:

Dance Party

hani dance gif

You’ve all heard the phrase, “dance like no one’s watching”? Well, it’s time to put it into practice. You don’t need any dancing abilities, or even a sense of rhythm for that matter; just put on your favourite tunes and start moving to the groove. I’ve become well prepared for any bouts of sadness with multiple playlists dedicated to shaking it off and laughing at my dance moves in front of the mirror that I’d only be willing to bring out behind closed doors – or after quite a few drinks. Need some song recommendations? Try Shut Up and Dance, Boombayah, or just bring out some Beyonce and you’re set.

Road Trip

driving in style gif

Bring your mates or ride solo; just get in the car and start driving because no destination is required for the perfect road-trip. Maybe you’ll take new roads and find little hidden gems that you’ve never visited before, or you might just want to drive down one of your favourite highways with the wind in your hair. Either way, when you’ve got a full tank of gas and killer songs featuring you as the main vocal, it’s easy to let loose and forget about your responsibilities for a change.

Food for the Soul

delicious food gif

Whether you’ve had a breakup, a rough day at work, or it just seems that life has been dealing you a bad hand, tucking into your favourite meal can bring a bit of comfort to your tumultuous life. If you try to stick to a healthier lifestyle like me, then indulging can bring up feelings of guilt which definitely won’t help you improve your mood. But all you have to do is remind yourself that one day isn’t going to destroy your progress, so eat up and enjoy one of the best parts of life.

Retail Therapy

retail therapy gif

Want a little short-term happiness booster? All you have to do is drop some cash on something from your wishlist to create that old, forgotten bliss. Maybe you want to update your wardrobe, upgrade your make-up stash or buy that new game you’ve been eyeing off for a while; whatever makes you happy. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home with the amount of online stores catering to almost any product you could possibly want, it’s just a matter of waiting patiently for your order to arrive.

Walk It Off

hike gif

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but walking even just around your neighbourhood can be that little breather you need to brighten your mood. My favourite scenic walk will always be at the beach; I find the crashing waves super relaxing and there’s something about trekking through the sand past the point of all the crowds that makes me feel good. If I’m not up for a long drive to the beach, I’ll just head over a local park or reserve to get my nature fix and walk in circles until those exercise endorphins kick in.

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