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Top Lifestyle Picks | October 2017

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Another month down for 2017 and it almost feels as if time is speeding up with Halloween just next door and Christmas around the corner. Those of you who, like me, live in the Southern Hemisphere are now exchanging coats for light cardigans and sweatpants for swimwear as the weather invites you down to the beach. So with Spring in full swing it’s only fair that I share some products that will really help you celebrate the sunny days ahead:

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Perfume

victorias secret perfume

When the weather becomes warmer and you’re forced to be packed in like sardines on your way to work, you definitely don’t want to add to the questionable smells surfacing around the train. And although perfume can be overpowering if the wearer decides to shower themselves with the fragrance continuously throughout the day, the lingering scent can be quite pleasant. This Sheer Love perfume gives off a satisfying sweet scent perfect for the Spring season and with such a large container, you’ll be hard-pressed to empty the entire bottle.

Fruit Earrings

fruit earrings

Continuing with my fruit obsession where I am destined to buy any item with fruit that I come across, these beauties have become my favourite earrings to throw on in the morning and fit hand-in-hand with the warmer weather. They’re the perfect accessory if you want to add a little colour to your outfit and they come in all kinds of flavors so hopefully you’ll be able to find your favourite fruit to show off.

Panda Sleeping Mask

panda sleep mask

When I was a kid, I’d always need some sort of light on to fall asleep, but now I’ve become one of those people who prefer to sleep in complete darkness. Whether it’s light from my phone, my computer screen or from my neighbours kitchen, I try to block out any kind of illumination reaching my eyes. The best way to do this is to invest in a sleeping mask so why not buy one in an adorable style while you’re at it? Well, I did. And it is probably one of my cutest purchases I’ve ever made.

Black Cap

black moon hat

Stay sun safe in style with a cap that gives you some serious Sailor Moon vibes. Or, if you’re just having a bad hair day, throw this cap on and voila! No one will be the wiser – you can even wait one more day before you wash your hair, although personally I’m a stickler for a clean do. You can find these types of caps all over the place with a range of styles while I personally bought mine on YesStyle or, if you’re looking for a feminine look, then maybe a nice wide-brimmed sun hat will be the perfect option to keep those UV rays at bay.

Cat Sunglasses

cat sunglasses

No need to squint and feel the power of the summer sun when you’ve got a stylish pair of sunnies to keep your eyes protected. These have become my favourite pair to parade around although, as someone with terrible eyesight, I can only really use them when I’m wearing my contacts. I’ve found quite a few versions of these glasses in shops around Sydney so they shouldn’t be too hard to locate if you’re looking for a similar pair. I’m also a sucker for reflective glasses; no one really knows where you’re looking and they make the best portable mirrors.

Jam of the Month


Heading out for a party or just want to get pumped for the day? Have a quick listen and you’ll find yourself wriggling in your seat ready to dance your way through the rest of the day.

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