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Not So Guilty Pleasures

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Growing up, especially through the peer pressure of high school life, we’ve learnt what hobbies are more socially acceptable than others and it’s usually only when we become older that we start embracing our interests without worrying about the judgement of others – or it turns out your friends have similar guilty pleasures and you bask in your weirdness together. Either way, I just wanted to share some of my own not so guilty pleasures that may get me that side-eye on occasion, but I enjoy them too much to care.

Cheesy Romance TV Shows

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You know those cringe-worthy scenes at the end of a show or movie where the seemingly perfect-for-each-other couple finally realise that they are perfect for each other? Well, any kind of series that’s heavy on the cheese will easily win me over no matter how ridiculous the plot may seem. Watching Korean and Chinese dramas is also one of my favourite ways to get a dose of some cheesy romance; rather than the standard movie-length sentimentality of Hollywood, these dramas usually last up to 20 episodes so you become far more invested in the characters and the pay off at the end is super satisfying.


Often when people think of K-Pop they immediately envision some out-there video clip with a catchy melody and quirky choreography thrown in for good measure. And although I do enjoy the weirdness of Orange Caramel, K-Pop is just as diverse as the jams you hear on your mainstream radio – albeit sung in a different language with subjectively better styling (most of the time anyway). Just like on our Western pop charts, K-Pop spans across various genres from rock to ballads and all the way to some killer dance tracks so chances are you’ll find at least a few songs fitting to your taste. K-Pop is definitely one of those black-holes of the internet where once you start looking, you’ll find an endless stream of videos to keep you entertained; maybe give it a try next time you’re searching the YouTubes, your playlist will never be the same again.

Over-The-Top Films

monty python gif

When it comes to watching comedies, the more outlandish the better – if you’ve ever seen a Monty Python movie then you’ll understand exactly where I’m coming from. They’re the kind of films where you start off with a confused look on your face, followed by unstoppable laughter as you realise it was not meant to be taken seriously. Think Kung FuryTuck and Dale vs EvilKung Fu Hustle; the list goes on. Not everyone appreciates this kind of humour so you may get a few questionable looks from friends, but sometimes you need that little bit of crazy to brighten up your day.


gelato flower

Technically gelato isn’t really a hobby, but it’s definitely at the top of my edible guilty pleasures’ list. If you provide me the opportunity of going out for gelato, I will happily leave the comfort of my room and travel almost any distance to get a taste of that creamy goodness. I’ve made it a goal in my simple life to try as many flavours as possible so every time I find myself at a gelateria, I tend to invest in the more peculiar varieties. Cone by cone (because they are vastly superior to their cup counterparts), I’ve made a noticeable dent in my gelato palate and will continue to do so no matter how many friends laugh at my culinary bucket list.

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