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Things We Should Probably Be Doing More Often

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Sometimes it can be hard to keep our lifestyles healthy when we’re juggling work, our social lives and an ever-growing list of TV shows to watch on Netflix. It’s the endless cycle of “we’ll start on Monday” that makes one-day of relaxation turn into weeks of procrastination. But some habits just take a few minutes everyday to master without seeming too burdensome, and can go a long way with their bodily benefits. Here are a few things that I’ve become more focused on in the name of health and longevity:

Using Sunscreen

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Unless you’re heading down to the beach or chilling by the pool, sunscreen is often overlooked on a day-to-day basis and many even forgo this liquid to get that natural tan. My skin tans quite easily so when I was younger I would always show off my “healthy” glow after some fun in the sun and nowadays, I’m closer to my natural skin colour then I have been in years. Why? Well, seeing as the sun is one of the main factors in premature ageing and the exposure to UV rays can increase your chance of skin cancer, I decided that I’d prefer to spare my skin the trauma and maybe age a little more gracefully. Living in a country renowned for its scorching weather in summer and the fact that an overcast day can still cause sunburn means that I own a lot more hats and apply much more sunscreen then I ever did before.

Cleaning Makeup Tools

urban decay eyeshadow palette

When was the last time you washed your beauty blender? How about your eyeshadow brushes? I’m a bit pedantic about hygiene when it comes to my face so I try to wash my makeup tools every week, although this often turns into a fortnightly clean when my procrastination gets in the way of things. No matter what skin type you have, it’s a good idea to stay on top of a regular cleaning schedule since the bacteria build-up can really cause some break-outs and when you think about it, it’s quite a minor inconvenience for healthier skin. It’s also important to wash your tweezers, sleeping masks, nail clippers and other assorted tools every couple of uses – maybe even replace that old toothbrush you have while you’re at it.

Eating Veggies


I think everyone has been told over and over again about the importance of vegetables in your diet and yes, you’re going to hear it from me as well. I have a sweet-tooth so I could eat kilos of fruit and be quite content with my food choices for the day. I actually do enjoy veggies when they’re flavoured properly (spices are your friends here), but they just take a little longer to make compared to my oats and smoothie bowls so after a long day I’m more likely to go for the fruity meal option. In saying that, I have been focusing on my vegetable intake for the past few weeks and I can definitely feel a difference in my body; I don’t feel totally exhausted at the end of the day and a few kilos off the old weight scale isn’t something to complain about.

Health Check-Ups

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I’m definitely guilty of postponing my doctor visits, I grew up with the mindset of just toughing it out and this may be fine for a minor cold, but there’s simply some things that your body can’t heal on its own. During my teenage years I had quite a few problems with my eyes and even ended up with a corneal ulcer – I thought my eye was simply irritated, luckily I did end up seeing the doctor otherwise my vision could have diminished even further. After that experience, I’ve become far more aware of anything that seems out of whack with my body and if it persists for a couple of days, I’ll head straight to the doctor; I’d rather hear them say, “there’s nothing wrong with you” then finding out I could’ve cured my illness in a matter of days if I went for a check-up earlier. I think we’ve all run into our fair share of unhelpful GP’s which doesn’t really inspire confidence in our healthcare system, but I think it’s just a matter of finding a doctor that you trust and is willing to explain any health issues you may have, then these check-ups become far more approachable.

Washing Off Makeup Before Bed

face cleansing gif

We’ve all been there. We’ve arrived home after a late-night of partying totally exhausted and rather than grabbing some makeup remover, we fall face-first into our pillows leaving our worries for the morning. As tired as you may be, this is a terrible habit to have since that leftover makeup can cause you to break out and can even weaken your eyelashes. On my own skin, if I leave makeup on overnight then my redness is usually much worse in the morning so I’ve made the effort to follow my routine every night no matter what time it is and how few hours I have left before I have to wake up again – my skin definitely appreciates it.

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