Auburn Botanic Garden

Top Lifestyle Picks | August 2017

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Bees are hanging around en masse in the garden, I no longer require three blankets to stay warm at night and I’ve already been swooped by a magpie which can only mean one thing; winter in Australia is officially over. While it’ll still be a couple of months before the sun starts melting us all into a pool of our own sweat, I’ve come up with a list of my top picks from August to share with you.

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Snail Sheet Mask

tony moly sheet mask

Yes you read that correctly, it’s a sheet mask that uses snail secretion and although that sounds almost as tempting as escargot, I’ve personally found snail to be quite a soothing ingredient for my skin. Whenever I treat myself to one of these moisturising masks it creates the perfect selfie opportunity (see above) and skin that feels absolutely rejuvenated. If I had the time and supply to use one everyday, I would.

The Husk Mill Cacao Tea

The Husk Mill Tea Blend

If you’re not a fan of tea then you might want to skip ahead, but let me remind you that you are missing out on a wonderful world of flavour. I first ran into these beauties just a couple of weeks ago at a Tea Festival and they have quickly become an essential part of my morning routine. Adding milk to it even makes it taste like a lighter hot chocolate alternative – definitely not as sweet, but equally enjoyable.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Now I splurge on make-up quite rarely, I spend a lot more on experimenting with my skincare routine simply because I prefer a lighter make-up look for my everyday wardrobe. But once I saw the rosy hues of the Naked 3 Palette, the spontaneous buyer in me couldn’t resist and with a much lighter wallet, I stepped out of Mecca Maxima ready to try out a new look. As it turns out, the palette has become a regular part of my makeup routine and honestly, the quality of the product made the whole purchase worth it.

Winter Coat from Sheike

Sheike Coat

I know it’s warming up here in the southern hemisphere, but there’s still time to show off some classy winter outfits on your weekend adventures. Coats are always a cold weather favourite of mine and as the season is ending, it’s a great time to get in on those sales and prepare for next year’s cold snap. Following my budget-mode method, I managed to snag this beautiful coat from Sheike at half-price for a total of $150 – for the quality of the item and the fact that I absolutely love completing my winter outfits with coats (just one at a time though), it was definitely a bargain.

Banana Backpack

Banana backpack

Every year when the weather starts picking up and I’m keen to hit the beach every day of the week, I also start hoarding fruit-themed items with my last year obsession being watermelon during which my collection grew to include a towel, phone case and my favourite PJs ever. It seems that bananas have taken over this time around with my latest online shopping spree landing me this summery backpack that is perfect for any setting – besides maybe a wedding…or any formal event really.

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